Twitter and Instagram Aren’t Your Mentors: Ignoring Social Media Pressures as a Young Dad

There’s nothing more intrusive than social media. And few things push people’s “throw shit like an enraged zoo chimpanzee” button like parenting issues. Combine the two and you have a cocktail of stupidity, judgment, and frustration that can drive a new, inexperienced dad to the liquor cabinet in no time.If … read more

Absence Does NOT Make Your Wife Grow Fonder: Staying on Top of Fathering When You’re Away

We’re both musicians, which means there are times when we’re away from home for weeks at a time, playing and traveling to gigs. No lie, that can be a strain. If you’re dad and you travel for your work, you already know this. When you’re away from home, Mom is … read more

It’s About Time: Balancing Dad, Hubby, and Professional Means Being Intentional About Your Schedule

Becoming a dad is riddled with what you might call “new rug” moments. When you put down a new rug in your house, for the first few weeks, you’re always tripping over the stupid thing. You stumble, swear, and vow that next time you’ll remember it’s there. Then you trip … read more

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